Show 92 – HP TippingPoint Secure Virtual Framework with Sanjay Raja – Sponsored

The prime Pushers Ethan Banks and Greg Ferro chat with HP Security’s Sanjay Raja in this sponsored podcast about the TippingPoint Secure Virtual Framework (SVF). Sanjay Raja is a Product Marketing Manager with the TippingPoint organization, and describes in detail how SVF integrates into your VMware environment.

What We Discuss

  • Inspecting traffic sourced from VMs, when those VMs don’t always live in the same physical place.
  • Keeping the same security policy applied to a virtualized environment as would have been applied to a physical environment.
  • Topology discovery and integration with Virtual Management Center.
  • Firewalling VMs from other VMs.
  • Shunting traffic to an external IPS device via low-latency tunneling.
  • New vShield APIs that TippingPoint is creating with VMware via an exclusive partnership.
  • The challenge of virtualizing IPS functionality without consuming all the resources of the cluster being protected.
  • How to integrate SVF into an environment that’s only partially virtualized.
  • What “next generation IPS” really means, and how TippingPoint is a part of that space.
  • Why you care about TippingPoint’s DV Labs vulnerability discovery team.
  • Does SVF allow inside hosts and DMZ (read: “Internet-facing”) hosts to coexist on the same VMware cluster?
  • What’s the redundancy/resiliency architecture for SVF?
  • How is TippingPoint SVF integrated with the other HP Security business units like Fortify and ArcSight?


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