Show 97 – The Future of TRILL and Spanning Tree – Part 1

TRILL has been on the radar for about three years and while we are seeing some shipping hardware and early deployments, it’s not clear what the current status of TRILL is. This week, Jon Hudson IETF Member for TRILL and Brocade engineer is joined with Andy Shalomon from Cisco, who is conducting testing and deployment on Cisco’s FabricPath for a discussion about where TRILL is today.

Jon Hudson

18yrs in multiple roles such as Network Engineer, Unix Sysadmin, SAN Engineer, Production Ops Architect & Dir of Systems Engineering. Positions within financial, online gaming & manufacturing industries. 

In 2009 joined Brocade from Juniper Networks. At Brocade responsible for Fabric, Virtualization & Cloud Technology as well as TRILL Standards development in the IETF. Co-Author of four IETF Drafts and Co-Inventor of Patent GB2441278. Only owns one Tie.

About Andy Sholomon

Andy Sholomon CCIE No. 15179, works as a Solutions Architect at Cisco Systems. He routinely designs and performs network testing for some of Cisco’s largest enterprise customers. In his eight years at Cisco Andy has been involved in both planning and deploying some of the largest enterprise data centers in the US. He has also worked with some of Cisco’s large Service Provider customers. Before joining Cisco Andy worked as a Network Engineer in the Global Financial Industry. Besides the CCIE Andy holds multiple industry certifications including the CISSP and MCSE and is the author of Enterprise Network Testing for Cisco Press.

Brief Overview – The Future of TRILL – Part 1

  • Introduction to the Hhistory of TRILL and why is was developed, initially by Radia Perlman.
  • Interesting Observations about the progress of TRILL including the development of Multicast solution.
  • That Spanning Tree will take years to die.
  • Spanning Tree and TRILL will interoperate for the next five years or more.
  • Discussion of differing TRILL designs and edge implementations.
  • The Attraction of TRILL for carriers / IXC companies.
  • IETF RFC Working Group –
  • The Great Debate: TRILL Versus 802.1aq (SPB)
  • [Cisco IP Journal – Introduction to TRILL] (
  • Introduction to TRILL – EtherealMind
  • Various posts on TRILL at EtherealMind
  • Jon Hudson blogs at Ethernet Fabric

This show will be continued in Part 2.

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