Runt Packet No. 7 – Big Things Ahead For Juniper Certifications

Liz Burns, Global Manager for Juniper Networks certifications and Kieran Milne, one of the technical leads with the Juniper certifications team join Ethan Banks for a discussion of the upcoming changes in the Juniper certification world. There’s a LOT of great information Liz and Kieran share, so be prepared to listen through this a time or two if you’re keen on Juniper certs.

What You’ll Hear

  • Let’s talk about the Juniper certification tiers moving forward.
  • What’s the best way to prepare for a Juniper certification exam?
  • Check out the Juniper Fast Track learning portal.
  • How does real-world experience and lab work factor into a candidate’s ability to pass a Juniper exam?
  • How hard is it to make the jump to JUNOS if you’re more of an IOS engineer?
  • What prerequisites are in place to be allowed to take Juniper certification exams? How does this compare Cisco prerequisites?
  • Where do you go to take a Juniper exam, and what is the exam like (multiple choice, etc.)?
  • Liz wields the word “psychometric” with great confidence.
  • If a candidate fails an exam, what is the retake policy?
  • What is Juniper doing to preserve the integrity and reliability of their certifications?
  • Beyond the Twitter account @JuniperCertify, what is the Juniper certification social media strategy (and why should you care)?
  • How often does a Juniper certification holder need to recertify?
  • Does a JNCIE have to retake the lab exam to maintain that credential?
  • How is Juniper improving the benefits they extend to certification holders?
  • Liz talks more about protecting the integrity of Juniper exams, including Juniper’s implementation of fraud detection for both testing centers and individuals. Don’t take a test for someone else, and don’t use braindumps. Juniper will know and take action against you.


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