Runt Packet – SolarWinds Orion NPMv10 With Head Geek Josh Stephens

SolarWinds Orion fanboy Ethan talks to the Head Geek at SolarWinds, Josh Stephens.  The discussion is around Orion Network Performance Monitor v.10.  If you haven’t checked out Orion in a few years, it’s all grown up now.  Ethan’s implementing Orion NPM and loving it, and had a nice chat with Josh about the core Orion features.

Sure, it sounds like a softball interview, but frankly, the Orion product is working as advertised in Ethan’s experience thus far – it doesn’t suck.  Give the runt a listen, and leave your comments with the hard questions that weren’t asked.  Maybe we can get Josh back on for a tougher Q&A session.

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