Unplugged – Show 2 – Virtual Access Points

This is the second podcast from the Packet Pushers devoted to Wireless Networking. After Jennifer Huber joined the Packet Pushers, we agreed that an occasional wireless podcast about would be worth doing. Herewith, is the second episode of Packet Pushers Unplugged on wireless networking.

The Content

  • Item 1 – Importance of a site survey and the types of site surveys (Active, Passive, Predictive)
  • Item 2 – Wireless Tech Field Day coming up next year – Have you put in your .02 about who you’d like to see there? Please go to the survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GKM2W6Q and tell us what you think.
  • Item 3 – Emerging Wi-Fi Uses in Retail Enterprises (business analytics, real-time location services, multi channel guest interaction, guest connections, employee use of personal devices such as the iPad) and Andrews blog post on the topic here
  • Item 4 – A quick discussion on Virtual AP Threat and how to handle them – also more detail on a blog here.

The Guests


Craig Schnarrs is at http://thewifiguy.net and @the_wifi_guy

Jeff Russell doesn’t have a Twitter account or a blog. Yet.

The Hosts

Jennifer Huber is @jenniferlucille and her blog http://jenniferhuber.blogspot.com/


Follow the Packet Pushers on Twitter (@packetpushers | Greg @etherealmind | Dan @rovingengineer | Ethan @ecbanks), and send your queries & comments about the show to packetpushers@gmail.com.  We want to hear from you!

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