PQ Show 005 – Cisco Nexus Updates with Ron Fuller – Sponsored

Ron Fuller, CCIE, CiscoPress author, tweeter, blogger, and Technical Marketing Engineer at Cisco, talked to Ethan Banks and Greg Ferro about announcements made at Cisco Live US 2012 related to the Cisco Nexus product line.

What We Discuss

  • Supervisor 2 & 2E bring more control-plane power to the Nexus 7000 series. More VDCs, including a special admin VDC. VDC CPU shares have also arrived, which allows a policy to define which VDC gets access to the CPU in the event of CPU congestion.
  • What’s the process to upgrade from a Supervisor 1 to a 2 or 2E? It’s a disruptive process, but there’s a migration guide to be available soon.
  • The importance of blessing a new Nexus 7000 installation with unicorn tears.
  • There’s additional FEX density with Supervisor 2 & 2E: 45 today up from 32, and there’s more on the roadmap. 7K cards that support FEX are the M1-32, M2-24, and F2-series.
  • FEX density for 5500s with the L3 engine has been increased from 8 to 16.
  • The new 7U Nexus 7004, aimed at shops with limited budgets and at sites with limited space and power. The 7004 has no fabric modules. On other 7000 chassis, there’s a 3-stage crossbar fabric: ingress fabric, crosswire fabric, and egress fabric. On the 7004, there’s only 2 slots for data forwarding line cards, as the other 2 slots are for sup engines, so the two slots end up wired back-to-back. This results in 440Gbps of bandwidth per slot, down from 550 as compared to other chassis fully loaded with fabric modules. This only impacts the 48 port F2 cards, where you’d have a very slight over subscription – 440Gbps available vs. 480Gbps the F2 is capable of…1.09:1.
  • Wild rumor – stay tuned for virtualized NX-OS.
  • NX-OS 6.1 release notes. Additional hardware support for new sup modules. IP SLA – ability for the Nexus 7000 to take part in the SLA path and probing. Ability to do sampled netflow in F2 – no F2 netflow statistics today, as it’s not in the silicon of that linecard.
  • Nexus service modules – ASA, ACE, and NAM are coming. If the Nexus gets service modules, is there any reason to keep the Catalyst 6500 alive?
  • Launched at CLUS 2012 – 10G module of the M2 line card. Added FEX support into the M2 line.
  • What’s the customer adoption rate been for FabricPath?
  • What’s the difference between FabricPath and TRILL, and where are the TRILL standards heading?



Packet Pushers was commissioned by Cisco Data Centre and Virtualisation Business Unit to attend Cisco Live 2012 and discuss Cisco’s Software Defined Networking launch as a sponsored service. We have covered the event by recording several shows, attended briefings and more. Thanks to Cisco for sponsoring us and helping us to record and publish the content.

Audio Notes

On this recording, the headset audio feed was a fail, so we’re using the audio feed from the backup mic. We apologize in advance for background noise and mouse clicks you will notice from time to time.

Ethan Banks
Ethan Banks, CCIE #20655, has been managing networks for higher ed, government, financials and high tech since 1995. Ethan co-hosts the Packet Pushers Podcast, which has seen over 3M downloads and reaches over 10K listeners. With whatever time is left, Ethan writes for fun & profit, studies for certifications, and enjoys science fiction. @ecbanks
Ethan Banks
Ethan Banks
  • http://twitter.com/RichardBarbosa Richard Barbosa

    Hi Ethan,
    I work as Partner Cisco, Do you know when the Nexus 7004 will be available for sale?

    • http://twitter.com/matthewnorwood Matthew Norwood

      I asked this on Twitter after I saw Ethan’s picture, and I was told around September of 2012. The fact that Ron said so much about the architecture of it during the podcast tells me it is fairly close to shipping. Of course, that is my opinion, which may be 100% wrong. :)

  • Ron Fuller

    Sorry for the delay, I was on vacation after Cisco Live. :)
    We are planning to have 7004 in Sept/Oct like Matthew said. Your Cisco account team can provide more specific dates and pricing information.