Reminder: Big Switch SDN & OpenFlow Webinar on Thursday

This Thursday at 1000PST/1300EST/1800UTC is the Big Switch webinar on their recent launch of Big Virtual Switch SDN applications and controller. Join us for the event and demo – don’t miss the opportunity to see real live SDN in action…..

In this webinar, the Packet Pushers will be hosting Dan Hersey from Big Switch Networks to talk about the products and how an Open SDN architecture can make SDN work for you. The agenda will be to consider what you can achieve with an OpenFlow enabled network and how SDN can change your network.

  • A short introduction to OpenFlow and SDN
  • Using SDN to build Virtual Networks in an OpenFlow network.
  • How we can address the migration from today’s network to an SDN enabled network whether it be pure OpenFlow Overlay, pure OpenFlow, or a Hybrid of the two..
In Packet Pushers style, the event will technical and practical. Greg and Ethan will be there to avoid the marketing hype, drag the presentation into the nuts and bolts, and ask the questions that you would want to hear.

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There will be time for some questions after the main presentation.


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