Show 13 – Turning to the Dark Side

Josh O’Brien, who consults in the world of Data Center 3.0 and blogs at, joins the Prime Pushers for the podcast.  In this show, we go off on the week’s more interesting news, and discover a bit of technology that Greg actually likes! (He went on so long, we blushed and had to look away.)

  • The rumors are flying that Brocade is up for sale.  We theorize about who might want to buy them and why, clearly demonstrating why we’re network engineers and not stock analysts.
  • Cisco has attached its name to the Linksys brand, so what does that mean for Cisco’s image when Linksys routers are hackable?  We have a fascinating deep dive on this topic, until Greg’s head explodes with boredom and he rips the mic from our hands.
  • Check Point Heavy Industries has announced astonishing sales and profits for Q2 2010.  We scratch our heads as to why.  Are there any engineers out there still showing Check Point the love?  The Pushers sure aren’t…
  • In round #2 of our musings on career development, we talk about whether you really need to turn to the dark side to keep going onward and upward.  Are managers people too?  We think it’s possible, but we’re not convinced.
  • When designing data center redundancy, how does an architect draw the line between appropriate and overkill?  Is dual-everything just lining your vendor’s pockets?  Can the complexity of a high availability configuration actually introduce MORE risk to your data center, rather than less?  We have a lively discussion and try to define “money well spent”.

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Ethan Banks
Ethan Banks, CCIE #20655, has been managing networks for higher ed, government, financials and high tech since 1995. Ethan co-hosts the Packet Pushers Podcast, which has seen over 3M downloads and reaches over 10K listeners. With whatever time is left, Ethan writes for fun & profit, studies for certifications, and enjoys science fiction. @ecbanks
Ethan Banks
Ethan Banks
  • loopback0

    I was asked once to join the darkside (management). I basically told them I would not do a very good job at all. I'm glad I passed on it. I will live longer.

    I would like it if you would discuss VSS on one of your podcasts.


  • Darren

    I'm glad someone else is flying the Juniper banner. Quite often when people ask about firewalls I suggest Junipers and tend to get blank stares back. Most people religiously recommend Cisco ASA's and nothing else.

    I've only had experience with the old GT line and the SSG lines. I'm trying to get a few SRX's in and we'll probably get a couple to play with in January.

    As for the checkpoints…. I've been lucky not to actually support them. One good thing is that the rules are pretty easy to view. I recently had to migrate some PIX, ASA and Checkpoint rules into a new Juniper SSG NSRP set up and converting the Checkpoint rules were by far the easiest