Show 142 – Huawei – End to End SDN Strategy – Sponsored

SDN innovation has been primarily focused on the data center where centralized network programmability has been shown to be capable of providing many benefits to the complex and dynamic (on-demand) data center environment. Service provider networks will also benefit from SDN. Traversing a service provider network involves crossing different network types, technologies, layers and administrative domains. SDN solutions, including OpenFlow’s programmatic control, will provide capabilities unique to these service provider technologies. Huawei presents an architecture that expands SDN into multiple, task specific, controllers and domains and extends networking control across all of the service provider network dimensions.huawei-logo

Huawei’s end to end SDN solutions provide the ability to overcome current network limitations by building upon Openflow through creating a distributed controller platform across service provider network segments. This architecture goes beyond the southbound interface, and intra Data Centers, through providing applications with an interface to the network SDN controllers via a programmable North Bound Interface. These SDN solutions allow applications to intelligently utilize the network.

In this show, sponsored by Huawei, we introduce the requirements and issues with achieving an end to end delivery across different network types (e.g., access, backhaul, core), technologies (e.g., copper, optical, wireless) and coordinating applications and network controls. We specifically discuss:

  • Who is Huawei?
  • SDN standardization
  • E2E SDN strategy, including optical and BNG specifics
  • SoftCOM approach to the future of network architecture.

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Huawei’s mission is to focus on our customers’ market challenges and needs by providing excellent ICT solutions and services in order to consistently create maximum value for our customers.

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