Show 168 – Juniper QFX5100 & Virtual Chassis Fabric – Sponsored

Juniper Network’s Doug Hanks & Satish Surapaneni join Juniper customer (and Kool-Aid drinking fanboy) Kurt Bales in a discussion about the newly announced QFX5100 line of switches with Ethan Banks & Greg Ferro. Along the way, we talk about useful new technologies enabled by the QFX5100, such Virtual Chassis Fabric & TISSU. This is one of those detailed shows where we get into bits & bytes, speeds & feeds, and just generally nerd out on the new switches & get as deep into the tech as 40+ minutes will allow us.

What We Discuss

  • High-density, high-speed access in a fixed form factor.
  • Integrated overlay networking compatible with several prominent solutions.
  • Target markets: IaaS, IT and ITaaS, FIS.
  • Roles in a data center architecture: core, aggregation, access.
  • The models: QFX5100-24Q & QFX5100-48S.
  • Speeds & feeds: Broadcom Trident 2 chipset with low latency enables a whole lot of forwarding capacity.
  • Virtual Chassis Fabric – it’s not QFabric. It’s not Virtual Chassis. It’s a mix of both, giving designers another interesting option.
  • Yes, okay. But one more time…why a new switch? The QFX5100 is one switch platform providing many options, including overlay integration, lossless software upgrades, lossless Ethernet, and a unified forwarding table.


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Juniper QFX5100 & Virtual Chassis Fabric Overview
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Juniper Launches New Fabric Architecture, Switch Line
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Juniper’s QFX5100 Switches Knit A Fabric
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Juniper QFX5100 Switch Line

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Ethan Banks
Ethan Banks
  • Chris

    Very cool! Can’t wait to get my hands on a demo unit … *rubs hands together eagerly*

  • Atul

    great show, would love to see more juniper content in the future. thx guys.

  • JT

    can we run Layer 3 service? what is the scale of the control plane?