Show 57 – Fat Cast Free for All – Virtual Workbench

The virtual workbench convened on August 9, 2011 with Greg Ferro, Ethan, Kurt BalesTom Hollingsworth, Josh O’Brien, and Mrs. Y (aka the Network Security Princess).

This week we cover news, views and gossip of the last few weeks. A lot of complaining and review of what’s changing in the network industry.


  • VMware licensing backdown after customers complained- VMware isn’t as dominant as it may appear, and will you ever OWN anything ?
  • Lack of networking features in vSphere 5
  • Mrs Y gives us a rundown of Black Hat
  • A mix of other random topics
  • Cisco Nexus 2000 and working with FEX designs


Odds and ends of items mentioned in the show…

Greg Ferro
Greg Ferro is a Network Engineer/Architect, mostly focussed on Data Centre, Security Infrastructure, and recently Virtualization. He has over 20 years in IT, in wide range of employers working as a freelance consultant including Finance, Service Providers and Online Companies. He is CCIE#6920 and has a few ideas about the world, but not enough to really count. He is a host on the Packet Pushers Podcast, blogger at and on Twitter @etherealmind and Google Plus.
Greg Ferro
Greg Ferro
Greg Ferro
Greg Ferro

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  • Jason Schmidt

    Re: AnyConnect. You can now buy an AnyConnect Essentials license for an ASA for cheap that gives you the same number of SSL VPN client with the full AnyConnect client as IPSEC clients for that box. The downside is you don’t get WebVPN functionality or any of the other AnyConnect goodies.

    • Jason Masker

      Yes, Jason! This license has been available for some time. I do not understand why there is so much stress about AnyConnect licensing because, as far as I can tell, almost everyone is using the AnyConnect client and very few shops are using WebVPN. Perhaps if you are large enough to require some of the more advanced end point assessment tools, but then you should already be accustomed to paying a “reassuringly high” fee for those licenses.

  • guest

    Hey guys fan of the show – great stuff.  Wanted to make a correction (you’ve probably been told 1000 times – the downside to a successful podcast)… but in case you haven’t.  This show made my ears bleed when you mentioned Nortel in the context of ALU.  The Nortel Enterprise line was sold to Avaya, they now have that product set including some fairly new gear that was in the pipeline during acquisition.  Being a Nortel -> Avaya Alumni the reference to ALU caught me off guard.  ALU did get the 3G UMTS gear from Nortel on the carrier side.  The Genesys platform that was mentioned is ALU.