Show 68 – Practical Introduction and Application of OpenFlow Networking


Practical Introduction to Applied OpenFlow

We’ve heard a lot of talk about OpenFlow recently and it’s potential impact for networking but not a lot about how it works. This screencast is Practical Introduction to OpenFlow with a focus on how we would actually make it work in real networks. Instead of muttering into beards about XML formats and debating the relative merits of protocol mechanics, this is a “bottom up” look at how OpenFLow is designed and it’s practical application in networks and what the transition from today to tomorrow will look like.

I’m joined by Martin Casado from Nicira Networks, who is also one of the creators of OpenFlow to help me with some of the heavy content and applications for OpenFlow. Thanks to Martin for reviewing the presentation and offering more information and then joining me to discuss various aspects.

Don’t forget the Applied OpenFlow Symposium happening in San Jose on Tuesday, 26th October. We will be streaming the event live on the Tech Field Day website.

We will having panel discussions with the NEC, Juniper, Brocade, Big switch and Cisco on their Business AND Technical approach to OpenFlow and their future plans. And representatives from Google and Yahoo will be on hand to talk about their experiences and practical uses.

There have been several blog posts at Packet Pushers -click for a list is the last few weeks that are definitely worth reading. And a podcast on 7 April 2011 where we first ‘discovered’ OpenFlow – Show 40 – Openflow – Upending the Network Industry

Greg has also posted a few previous articles:

OpenFlow – Why it can cross the Adoption Gap OpenFlow and Network Value – Network Computing


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  • Guest

    Sound is extremely low for me, barely able to understand anything.

    • Etherealmind

      Sorry, had to level my voice down to Martin and that’s make it a bit quiet. Not much I can do to fix it since the edit platform I’m using doesn’t have that capability.

  • ccie15672

    Drink more coffee, take the nerd meter higher Greg… this was really good. 

    • Zeus

      Excellent Presentation Greg. Is it possible to get the slide deck?

  • marek_golha

    Really great show – Finally I have some understanding what Openflow is. Thanks…

  • Tom Gronke

    NYtimes has brief note on Nicira and NTT ( with link to NTT press release including simplified diagram of where Nicira sits in VM migration.

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  • Anonymous

    Greg, your explanation and presentation was better/clearer than all the presentations of the Symposium put together ! :-)

    • Etherealmind

      Thanks! Nice feedback. Appreciate it.

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