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Long Version – Description, iTunes and RSS URLs

Packet Pushers – Weekly PodcastPPI-Weekly-New-1600x1600-opt

This is the main podcast feed. The Weekly Show features industry experts, real-life network engineers, and our cast of regulars. Co-hosted by Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks.

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Packet Pushers – The Network BreakNetwork-Break-New-330x330-opt

A podcast on news of the business in networking. We discuss vendors moves and news, product and ploys, analysis on product and positioning, and look at the business of networking. In the time it takes to have coffee break.

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Packet Pushers – Priority QueuePQ-New-1600x1600-opt

This is the Priority Queue feed only. Having a separate feed to listen to occasional content makes sense. Not everyone wants to hear all the shows. This feed may get large amounts of content in a short time, or contain very niche, specialized content.

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Packet Pushers – Datanauts

This is the Datanauts feed only. This is a technical show about data center design, engineering, and operations with virtualization and storage pro Chris Wahl and networking expert Ethan Banks. Chris & Ethan break down silos while interviewing expert industry gusts and sharing their own hands-on knowledge in this show about enterprise IT.

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Citizens of Tech has moved to a site & feed all its own!

Eric Sutphen and Ethan Banks, two techie friends with a interest in the arcane, chat about tech, gaming, science, energy, and anything else geekdom is likely to like. The show looks at the best stories of the day, cool tech of the past, and the tantalizing technological future in a light-hearted format that doesn’t skimp on the nerdy details.

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Packet Pushers – Community ChannelPPI-Community-1600x1600-opt

Packet Pushers Community Channel is a place for anyone to publish a podcast and incubating new podcasts. We provide the hosting, iTunes and a place for people to find your content. Who knows ? Maybe one day you can have your own channel.

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Packet Pushers Podcast Network – Every Show In One Feed

This feed combines all of our podcasts (except for Citizens of Tech, which moved to its own infrastructure). The feed is podcast-only, so it’s best for your favorite podcast client. If we add new shows in the future, they will be included in this feed as well as getting their own feed.

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Packet Pushers – Healthy Paranoia Archive (On indefinite hiatus — all 24 shows still available)

This is the Healthy Paranoia podcast iTunes feed, focused on security. Hosted by Michele Chubirka, aka Mrs. Y.

Packet Pushers – Blogs And PodcastsPPI-Full-Feed-New-330x330-opt

The “Fire Hose”. Anything that gets posted to will appear in this RSS feed including blogs, podcasts, and updates from any category, anywhere. Some people listen to the show from their RSS reader, plus read all the blog posts. – Blogs Only

This is the all-blog or article feed for Blog Posts only. If you are only interested in reading the articles, then this is the best feed for your RSS reader.

Last updated 17-Sep-2015