Cisco Catalyst 3560-X + 3750-X StackPower Overview


In the current Cisco Catalyst 3750-X switch pair I have sitting on my desk, I have taken advantage of the new StackPower feature. StackPower creates a power backplane among the switches in your stack, allows the power supplies to supply power to any switch in the stack. This means that you no longer have to […]

Cisco 6500 Sort Of Gets Multichassis LACP Without VSS in 12.2SXJ Train

Markku Leiniö linked in one of his articles to a new mLACP feature for the Cisco Catalyst 6500, which naturally caught my eye. To create an etherchannel spanning multiple physical 6500’s (desirable to maximize link utilization and for redundancy), you previously needed to use the Virtual Switching System supervisor engine to create a VSS super-chassis. […]