Designing A Multi-Region, Multi-Hub Phase 3 DMVPN With BGP


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Campus LAN Design – A Different Approach


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OpenStack Neutron – The Dirty Network Detail

OpenStack Neutron Networking

Update: I'm slowly getting there, third and more accurate diagram attached below which now includes where security policies, … [Read more...]

Routers vs Switches, When to position which?

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The Attributes of a Great Network Device API


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Network Design Concepts Part-3

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TCP/IP over VXLAN Bandwidth Overheads

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Using VRFs to maintain security zones in an Layer 3 datacenter network

Layer 2 Network Diagram

The number of overlay technologies available today for the datacenter are numerous and highly functional. The flexibility … [Read more...]

Healthy Paranoia Show 20: SDN – Heretic of Security


The known universe has been ruled by the monolithic network device. In this time, the most precious substance in the … [Read more...]

Show 169 – Cisco FabricPath Deep Dive Part 1


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Network Design Challenge – Small Little Clouds

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A Small Yellow Wooden Door: Thinking Practically About SDN


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Show 135 – Change Control Causes Constipation


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How to Draw Clear L3 Logical Network Diagrams


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Healthy Paranoia Show 6: Once Upon a Time, There Was Virtualization…

Unicorn Tears

Yes boys and girls, today we tell a story of clouds. The Packetpushers attack the subject of virtualization security. You'll … [Read more...]