What The Heck Is SPDY?


A10‘s presentation at NFD8 seemed to generate a bit of interest (dare I say excitement) and many a question around the SPDY (pronounced ‘speedy’) protocol. I promised Lindsey Hill (@northlandboy) on Twitter that I’d write a blog post about it and here it is. It took me rather longer to write than I thought and […]

A History of Load Balancing

A History of Load Balancing v1.0

A visual representation of the company and, to a lesser extent, product history of the load balancing/application delivery field. My usual F5 bias is present but it seems justified considering their long-held market leading position. I’ve been itching to post this for a while but simply couldn’t stop changing the formatting. I can’t say I’m […]

F5 Configuration Backups 3.0


In a previous article I introduced a project for the configuration backups of F5 devices. It offered an automated, centralized backup service for F5 BigIP devices with a web interface. There was also several features mentioned in the road map. Now after 4 months of tireless work, version 3.0 of the Config Backup for F5 […]

Configuration Backups for F5


As an administrator of network devices, keeping full backups is important for being able to recover from hardware failure. With F5 devices, backups come in the form of UCS files which is an archive that contains all configurations and SSL certificates. With a UCS file, you can take a replacement device, upload a UCS file […]

F5 drops LAB VE price to $95

During a recent F5 purchase I wanted to get some more F5 lab virtual edition appliances. At my company we have had two and it has been invaluable for testing new configs and training junior engineers in a safe environment that could be trashed and restored at will. At the time we ordered the lab […]