Show 219 – Open vSwitch Obtains Ludicrous Speed


Ben Pfaff, Justin Pettit, and Ethan Jackson are core contributors to the Open vSwitch (OVS) project. What's OVS? OVS is a … [Read more...]

What The Heck Is SPDY?

HTTP/1.0 Non-Persistent Connections

A10's presentation at NFD8 seemed to generate a bit of interest (dare I say excitement) and many a question around the SPDY … [Read more...]

TCP/IP over VXLAN Bandwidth Overheads

A recent 'conversation' around VXLAN encapsulation and MTU with Matt Oswalt got me thinking about this subject recently. My … [Read more...]

IPSec Bandwidth Overhead Using AES


Someone asked so lets walk through the overhead introduced when using IPSec with AES; it's higher than you might think and I … [Read more...]

TCP Over IP Bandwidth Overhead


How long will it take to transfer a 100MB file over an IPSec tunnel running across a dedicated 100Mbps Ethernet link? 1 … [Read more...]

Show 88 – Server Internals and Network Performance

Having met at VMworld 2010, Daniel Bowers and I were having an ongoing discussion around server architectures and how they … [Read more...]

Juniper MAG6610 Performance Characteristics

SA6000 Throughput

I was asked a question by @cooperlees as to whether I’d see any real-world performance indications on the Juniper MAG 6610 … [Read more...]

DLSw+ performance

Just days before 2012 arrives and heralds in the Mayan apocalypse, I thought I'd do something ridiculous.   Like shoot heroin … [Read more...]