What The Heck Is SPDY?


A10‘s presentation at NFD8 seemed to generate a bit of interest (dare I say excitement) and many a question around the SPDY (pronounced ‘speedy’) protocol. I promised Lindsey Hill (@northlandboy) on Twitter that I’d write a blog post about it and here it is. It took me rather longer to write than I thought and […]

TCP/IP over VXLAN Bandwidth Overheads

A recent ‘conversation’ around VXLAN encapsulation and MTU with Matt Oswalt got me thinking about this subject recently. My calculations were mostly wrong (Matt’s were not) and I also found a shocking amount of incorrect information on the subject out on the ‘net too. So, let’s let the maths do the talking. TL;DR – As […]

IPSec Bandwidth Overhead Using AES


Someone asked so lets walk through the overhead introduced when using IPSec with AES; it’s higher than you might think and I haven’t even factored in ISAKMP. Encryption really isn’t ‘my bag’ so if anything is wrong, do let me know; hopefully public scrutiny will mean I can truly rely on these figures. Take a […]

TCP Over IP Bandwidth Overhead


How long will it take to transfer a 100MB file over an IPSec tunnel running across a dedicated 100Mbps Ethernet link? 1 Second? Fail! 8s? You’re getting warmer. It’s almost 8.5s without the IPSec and over 9s with it. What’s the big deal with a 1s difference? Well, extrapolate that increase, let’s say it’s 13%, and […]

Juniper MAG6610 Performance Characteristics

SA6000 Throughput

I was asked a question by @cooperlees as to whether I’d see any real-world performance indications on the Juniper MAG 6610 Chassis.  Whilst I have deployed about a dozen across the world, it’s still early days to definitively nail this down, but I’d thought I’d share what I can and provide some anecdotes as to […]