Bash Script To Gather All Your Cisco Serial Numbers Via SNMP

Recently, I was doing a true up of our Cisco SmartNet contract, and had to get the serial numbers from all of the Cisco devices on the network. Rather than access each device manually, I wrote a bash script that would get the serial numbers via the SNMP ENTITY table. To use the script, you […]

Legitimizing Cisco Software Downloads Without Relying On SmartNet


I think it’s fair to say that Cisco is a software company at heart. You could argue the point that when you buy a Cisco-branded product, it’s often a piece of hardware that arrives in a sturdy box, surrounded by foam and plastic, and featuring that new kit smell. A router. A switch. A firewall. […]

Cisco Makes It Harder to Download Bug-Free IOS


While reviewing one of my remote office environments, I found a small edge router running antiquated, known-buggy code that Cisco has classified as “deferred”. For the uninitiated, when Cisco classifies an IOS release as “deferred”, that means that they don’t want you to run it because it’s known to be problematic. Some stability, security, or […]