Top 50 Packet Pushers Blog Posts for 2012

The Packet Pushers community blog saw an enormous number of contributions come in during 2012. As the editor, I thank everyone that took the time to write. Writing is a time-consuming task; getting your thoughts down so that they make sense to someone else is hard. That you are are willing to share your knowledge and opinions says much about who you are. Many pieces written here have been springboards for larger conversations, mailing list discussions, study group talks, podcast arguments, and exchanges with vendors. The effort put forth is worthwhile. The networking community is richer for what’s been contributed here, and I hope we’ll see many more contributions in 2013.

This list represents the top 50 blog posts of 2012, as ranked by page views. Some of these pieces might go back to 2011, depending on just how popular they have been. Each category lists the the most popular pieces first. Take a look, and read through some of these great articles you might have missed.


Opinion & Work Life

Network, Interrupted

Four Interview Questions I Have Asked Network Engineering Candidates

The Sad State of Data Center Networking

Being Good at IT Stuff

Virtualizing Network Services, Part 1: the Beginning

Is Burn Out Why IT People Change Jobs So Much?

Successfully Managing Talented Technical People

Why Network Engineers Are Sick of SDN – And What Vendors Can Do About It

Why Becoming a CCIE Doesn’t Fix Being Inexperienced

IT Is Dead. All Hail Systems Engineering!

Brand Inertia: Is Cisco Your Most Trusted IT Partner?

Three Types of Networks – Choosing a Career Path

What SDN Is and Why It Will Fail

10 Tenets of Working in IT

Cisco Makes It Harder to Download Bug-Free IOS

Arista Networks Knows Who They Are – Do You?

Does SDN Mean IT Will Be Able to Get Rid of Network People?

Does TRILL Stand a Chance at Wide Adoption?



Cisco ASA Licensing Explained

Cisco ASA 8.3+8.4 Hairpinning NAT Configuration

Understanding When a Cisco ASA NAT Rule Can Override the ASA Routing Table

Welcome to the Dark Side – Configuring Juniper SRX AppFW

SQL*Net (a.k.a Oracle TNS) and Firewalls…

Cisco IOS Device Hardening

Introducing Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) Profiling

Pwn Your Own Network


Routing / Switching / Ethernet

Cisco Nexus 2000: A Love/Hate Relationship

Cisco Catalyst 3560-X + 3750-X StackPower Overview

Use a Cisco Nexus 5K as a Core Instead of a 7K? Isn’t That…Crazy?

Good Habits for Basic Ethernet Switchport Provisioning in a Cisco IOS Environment

Using Cisco IP SLA to Manipulate Route Forwarding Decisions

Cisco Catalyst 6500 Supervisor 2T Technical Highlights – Will Sup2T Stop You From Buying Nexus?

Using BFD to Detect WAN Forwarding Errors

Introduction to Junos – Part 1

Flow Control Storm – IP Storage Performance Effects

Tracing a Layer 2 Path on Cisco Nexus Switches

10G Cabling and Transceivers



IPv4 DHCP vs IPv6 DHCPv6

Why Your Network Should Go IPv6 Only


Network Management

Review: HP IMC – Intelligent Management Center

The Importance of Diagrams When Building a Network

Using NETCONF + YANG to Configure Network Devices and Why It Does Not Replace SNMP

Regular Expressions for Network Engineers



How to Fail the CCIE Lab Exam

Certified Ethical Hacker V7: Certification Review

JUNOS Logical-System: A Great Way to Learn Junos & Prepare for Certification

CCNP Studies: Configuring HSRP – Part One


CCNP Studies: Configuring DHCP Snooping

Personal Study Tips of a Time-Strained Cert-Seeker



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